Dual 1,500! TBEA Sunoasis’ Power Conversion System Opens up the New Era for Integrated PV Storage
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The SNEC 14th (2020) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Exhibition & Conference was held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre on August 8, 2020. In the Exhibition, TBEA Sunoasis officially launched its 1,500V/1,500kW Power Conversion System (PCS) product which excelled itself in the industry with its low costs, high efficiency, friendliness and multiple functions.


The 1,500V PCS product of TBEA Sunoasis has a stand-alone power of 1,500kW, the largest capacity of the industry. Its system is better configured and costs of single watt is reduced by 10% and it can be used for the power storage system in the generation, grid and client terminal; relying on the brand new generation of IGBT core module and tri-level topological structure, it realizes high reliability and efficiency, with the maximum efficiency up to 99%; it adopts virtual synchronizer to realize inertia support, primary and secondary control of frequency and voltage and peak load regulation; it adopts dual current sampling on the AC side and introduces virtual impedance control algorithm and flexible grid-connection to reduce grid-connection THD by 0.5%; the product has complete protection strategy, reliable grid connection, fine power quality, friendly battery system access and quick communication mechanism, providing clients with more secure, reliable and efficient green energy.


Meanwhile, TBEA Sunoasis also launched the new generation of 3MW storage step-up integrated machine to perfectly integrate PCS, step-up transformer and switch cabinet, capable of direct grid-connection of 10/35kV. This machine, with the protection level of IP54, can realize integrated management and intelligent operation & maintenance, and adopts the 20-feet standard integrated container, which makes it easy to install, operate and maintain, reducing the construction quantities by 50%.

With PV and wind power enter into the age of competition and parity, reduced subsidy has in a way increased pressure on corporate profitability and the proposal of policies by several provinces since 2020 concerning the configuration and storage of power generation by new energy further increased the burden on new energy enterprises and the storage industry is in dire need of technical innovation to reduce system costs and improve system efficiency.

During the 14th Five-Year Plan, developing power storage will be the key to promote new strategy of energy safety and under the guidance of national strategic planning, TBEA Sunoasis will rise with the times to increase presence in business areas including new energy generation and storage, constantly promote innovations in management, product and technology, in order to lead the wind power and PV industry to fully enter the new era of parity grid-connection!