Perfect Conclusion of SNEC 2020! TBEA Sunoasis’ 1,500V 228kW Series Inverter Wins the Terawatt Diamond Award
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The hot SNEC 14th (2020) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Exhibition & Conference recently concluded and the most attentive “SNEC Top 10 Highlights Awarding Ceremony” was held in the morning of August 10, where TBEA Sunoasis’ 1,500V 228kW series inverter won the Terawatt Diamond Award, putting a perfect end to the SNEC Expo.1597393922106972.jpg

The awarded product, 1,500V 228kW PV inverter innovative solution adopts 1,500V of voltage level and supports 500W+ Modules, 3MW+ Matrix design and 1.3+ DC/AC Ratio; qualifies IP66 protection level and C5 erosion-proof level; capable of DC arc testing, with high precision, quick response and the ability to coordinate with TB-eCloud platform for intelligent operation & maintenance. It provides clients with an innovative solution using “1,500V + large silicon wafer double faced module + large power inverter + large subarray + tracking holder + intelligent operation & maintenance”.

TBEA Sunoasis’ 1,500V 228kW PV inverter, as the world’s first batch of series inverter with the power above 200kW, is one of the industry’s high-level series inverters. The product has the following features: 24-line input, 12-line MPPT and capable of effectively reducing the influence of series mismatch; MPPT maximum current up to 30A, capable of matching large-power and double faced modules; series I-V curve testing scan, with no monitoring blind zone, providing precise and intelligent management; intelligent support control technology greatly improving generation; PID prevention and protection + repair to provide round-the-clock protection for modules; new weak grid control plan from adapting to grid to supporting grid; TB-eCloud big data storage and analysis, intelligent operation & maintenance throughout the life cycle of power station, and by real-time collection of inverter data and real-time update of optimized generation control model, realize the optimal generation and optimal grid-connection control of subarray.


As the world’s largest and most professional PV exhibition, SNEC attracted over 2,000 enterprises around the world to participate and discuss jointly about the future development of solar power, power storage and hydrogen energy. The selection of “Top 10 Highlights” is one of the important parts of SNEC PV Exhibition and to ensure the latest and most advanced technology and product of participants wins, the host party selected the “Top 10 Highlights” based on voluntary registration of participants and evaluation by experts based on the 4 factors of “advancement”, “originality”, “publicity” and “professional perspective”, in order to encourage and honor technical innovations in the PV industry, focus on breakthroughs of key technology and catch the initiative in future development.

The SNEC 14th (2020) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Exhibition & Conference has successfully concluded and in the future, TBEA Sunoasis will continue sticking to the objective of maximizing client value, dedicate itself to shouldering the social responsibility of “contributing green energy and creating better life” by technical innovations and promote the development of PV market.